Back To School: Tips to Make Your Move-In Quick and Easy

Back to School: Tips for a Quick and Easy Move to College

It’s the time of the year again, where you have to pack up your belongings, say farewell to the parents and get ready for another school year.  Though excited to catch up with friends, we all know the dreaded feeling of having to move back into our dormitory or apartment.  Make moving less painful with these helpful tips!

  1. Unless you live far away from your school, don’t worry about moving everything in all at once.  I found it a lot less stressful slowly moving in over the course of a couple days instead of piling everything in your car and making your way to campus all in one go.  For the first trip, pack the essentials– clothes, shoes, toiletries, school bag and books, computer, bedding, and other necessities.  After that you can think of decorations and additional accessories.  My house is about 40 minutes away from campus, so I did visit home every other weekend which gave me the opportunity to bring more and more back to my room each time.
  2. Packing wise, suitcases, duffels, and wheeled trunks are the way to go.  I used to put everything in boxes and that was painful because I had to physically carry them in.  Also, boxes aren’t stowable so it took up room.  With suitcases, duffels, and wheeled trunks, you can easily transport it into your building.  For instance, the elevator to my building would be so crowded that it was easier for me to throw the duffel on my back and take the stairs.  They can serve as storage units as well.  With the change of seasons, you can easily transition your clothes, store the ones you don’t need in your suitcase, etc. and stow them away under your bed.
  3. Organization is key!  Dorm rooms can only be so big and you’re most likely sharing it with someone else.  Utilize the space effectively so that both you and your roommate aren’t swallowed by the shear amount of stuff in your room.
    1. To maximize the space, discuss with your roommate about rearranging the beds, desks and drawers that are usually provided by the school.  Bunk beds are always a good way to create space, as well as the use of bed risers.
    2. Handy Purchases:
      1. Under-the-bed organizers stores more miscellaneous items.
      2. Shoe organizers that hang over the door or in the closet creates floor space.
      3. Cascading hangers allow more closet space.
      4. DIY coat rack with 3M Command hooks for a section of the the wall for coats and backpacks (again to create more space).
  4. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your parents and siblings for help!  Having to move a load of stuff into a 6 story building, for instance, is not an easy task, especially if it’s your first time.  They want to spend time with you before you leave, trust me.
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